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Today’s lunch was at Miharu restaurant located at the “elusive” Gallery Hotel. Apparently, this place isn’t well known to most Singaporeans. Anyway, Miharu (美春) serves Sapporo ramen..i.e. Hokkaido style ramen. Oily…but definitely delicious. OISHII!!! It’s worth it’s $12. Priced almost the same as Ajisen but 10-20 times better tasting than the crap Ajisen churns out. Oops…I shouldn’t be bad mouthing a particular brand…should I use euphemisms?? Nah…Ajisen needs to know that their soup base is NOTHING compared to authentic ramen.

Anyway, today was a shopping-for-presents day too. I can’t believe how easy it is to spend $80 within a day on presents, food and a movie ticket. My feet hurt. But yet it was a very fun day. I haven’t hung out with a group of crazy friends for such a long time. Not to mention hung out with 2 talkative guys who don’t seem to get thirsty that often. Seriously…these 2 guys are really really talkative. We were out on a mission to buy presents and each time we stopped at a shop looking for potential presents, they would stop outside/inside and start talking about something else. Gosh…they’re worse than women. Ah well…at least we managed to get some presents. I still can’t think of something suitable for Satoshi. I guess, if it’s someone who’s closer to you, you’d want the present to mean something more. Unlike the teddy bear that we got for someone. Heh heh. 😉 *yawn* I’m poofed. I’m heading for bed. I’ll probably do some more present hunting tomorrow. Adios for now!

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