And one of the 7 deadly sins is Envy

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I met an old childhood friend, Jean Ang, yesterday. I found out that she’s in law AND she speaks very fluent Japanese. It’s funny how we sort of parted ways after primary 5 and yet her path in life and mine are somewhat similar or rather, she’s a step ahead. In some cosmic way, it feels as if she’s living what I want in life. She’s in law AND fluent in Japanese. I do not seethe in anger but rather jealousy. Perhaps I have only myself to blame. Anyway, Jean and I didn’t really recognise each other. We walked past each other and it took me like 3 to 4 seconds to realise that it was her. It helped that my classmate called out, “Jean!” That’s how I knew that it was Jean Ang. It’s because my dear classmate went to Kyudai for the JLCC programme – a year programme where your language is very important because all the classes are held in Japanese. I feel like a bimbo nowadays. Who am I kidding? I’m not that smart. I’ve got problems with my ISM and my brain needs to be organised. I told Meihui the other day that I’m like a secretary who needs to be fired but I can’t fire myself!! It’s the bloody last sem…I need to get my energy and brain back up to 100% mode. あたしはがんばります!!

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