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I got a new year’s day present from Honda! Ok…it seems as if it’s late but it was actually delivered to my place on the 31st of December but nobody was home to collect it. Therefore, I could only have it redelivered to my place today. I’m so surprised that Honda even bothered to send 2 AA-sized batteries!! My reaction was, “Batteries??!!” Anyway, this is a Shishimai 獅子舞 and after placing the batteries in, it plays 5 different tunes and beats on the drums! I’m terribly amused by it. I think it’s so cute in a very childish and fun-loving sort of way. Honda had to declare the cost of everything on the customs list and I am shocked at how much this red-faced lion costs. Postage in Japan is also ridiculously expensive. Ah well…anyway, this is a fun little ditty thingy that I’ll play with throughout Chinese New Year. All those who are visting me during CNY, play on!! Hahaa…now I’m so tempted to send CNY card and goodies to Honda…must think of lack of $ ….must think of lack of $…..

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