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Ok..I’ve gotten lazy over the past 3 days and have yet to update my blog. My consciousness plus boredom has led me here. Well, we had a swell New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Went to Qingzhuang’s party at Fullerton and had a fantastic view of the fireworks! The fireworks were sooooooooo much better than those in Fukuoka. Although this fireworks only lasted 15 mins, the cheography of each firework and the types of fireworks were wonderful. I wish that I had a super fast camera or a damn good video camera to shoot the fireworks. Unfortunately, I don’t have any. Ah well. Anyway, we didn’t sleep a wink from NYE to NYD. We walked to Orchard Cineleisure from Fullerton (it was a painful 1 hr walk) just to catch the 3:25 am Narnia show. The thing is that we should’ve left Fullerton earlier. We were late and ended up watching the 4:35 am show. By the time it ended, it was 7am. Moon’s and my stomach were giving us signals that it’s time to eat a proper breakfast. Thus, we went around hunting for a Mac’s that was open in Orchard and wasn’t in some closed shopping centre. We finally found it at Lucky Plaza and that also meant…TOILETS! Yes…my bowels were working like clockwork and I needed the loo badly. The stupid cashier at Mac’s said that there wasn’t any toilet in Mac’s itself (i know that…that’s why I had to ask her where the bloody toilet was). So I asked her, where is the toilet?? She said that I had to get out of Mac’s (DUH). So I questioned her again, “You mean that there isn’t a toilet in this building?” That stupid woman actually said yes!! Moon remembered that there was a toilet in the building so we went around walking and walking to find it. We met another semi-silly (or more like not so educated?) person. Moon asked him whether he knew where the washroom was. He looked at us with a befuddled look and said, “What room?” Moon repeated herself but he still had his confused look. It was only when I said “TOILET” that he understood and told us where it was. *sigh* What’s wrong with some Singaporeans? Haven’t they heard of all the various names for the toilet? Washroom, Restroom, Powder Room, John and the loo?? Oh wait…I forgot the dialect version: Jamban. Ah well…that settled, and after we had released mini bombs into the toilet, we finally could settle down for a nice breakfast. But we had another encounter with the sotong-kind. This time, it involved the MANAGER of Mac’s. First, she gave Moon too much change and didn’t bother to say thanks when Moon returned her the extra amount of money. Secondly, she forgot to give me my Sausage Egg McMuffin. I don’t mean just left it on the table and forgot to pass it to me. I mean that she totally forgot ME! I went to the counter to collect my McMuffin and I told another person that I haven’t gotten my McMuffin. That manager who took my order could look at me and ask, “Is it with egg?” Oh gosh…..I wasn’t in a bad mood but I just couldn’t understand how these people can be soo….sotong! And moon and I are the ones who haven’t slept for more than 24 hours!! Ok…these people need to load up on their multi-vitamins as well as ginko biloba.

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