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Read Justin’s blog earlier and I couldn’t help but really like his writing style. It was so tell-it-in-your-face but yet is so reflective at the same time. You wouldn’t really know this side of Justin if you just talked to him in person. Anyway, he did mention something about singapore being ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY clean and manicured. In some ways, I do agree but yet at the same time, I love this side of Singapore. Damn those people who say that we’re too clean and senitised. They’re jealous, that’s why they’re complaining about cleanliness. Oh please…who likes to walk through garbage?? Anyway, people are getting paid to clean up rubbish. At least there’s always a job there. Japan’s awfully clean too. Why aren’t there critics complaining about the Japanese being straitlaced and clean to the point of being a fault? What…rubbish makes a place have character? Hahaha…anyway, those critics ought to see the rubbish left behind during festivals/ parties/ celebrations or in a theatre after a movie. There’s rubbish I tell ya. It’s just that Singaporeans pay fellow Singaporeans to clean up after them.

Anyway, school reopens tomorrow…9 am lesson….*sigh* I hate early morning lessons. (T_T)

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