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I went for a J-Rock concert last night. I was sorely disappointed with the group which did the covers of L’arc en Ciel. They trashed some of the songs and the lead singer needs to polish both his singing as well as performance skills. Hyde…*swoon*….too bad he’s married to Oishi Megumi and has a son…another one to come along. At least they’re happy, ya? πŸ˜‰ Anyway, back to the concert. At least the bands got better as the time went by. I had to leave mid-way though cos I’ve got readings!!! Heh. Finished them at 2 am this morning. Yatta!

I e-mailed all the contents of the INNOVATE conference to my mum as well as the request for the bank draft to pay Rice University. My mum asked me to wait for my grants and to explain to the person-in-charge that my mum doesn’t have enough money. Uh…through my friend’s experience, USP and OSA don’t give the money until half way through the conference itself due to administrative reasons (don’t you hate admin sometimes?). Ah well…what can I do??? Just rock on and hope for the best! Maybe I should ask my bro…but it’s quite a bit of dough….γ©γ†γ™γ‚‹οΌŸδ»Šγ€γ‘γ‚‡γ£γ¨εΏƒι…γ γ‚ˆγ€‚η₯žζ§˜γ€ζ•™γˆγ¦γγ γ•γ„γΎγ›γ‚“γ‹οΌŸ

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