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I’m doing a project on host clubs in Japan and after viewing all those webpages for the past hour…I’m truly sick of seeing men with these characteristics:
1. Plucked eyebrows
2. Hair that withstands gravity
3. Hair that has been dyed to the shade of HAY
4. Hair that reaches the shoulders
5. “Sultry” and “sexy” looks…there’s a reason for the “”
6. Skinny
I’m amazed at how some of these guys can even survive as hosts…they are UGLY. Ok…that was rather mean of me. They’re NOT good looking. There. I’m not saying that I’m pretty but I’m not a hostess…haha…anyway, the argument goes that it’s not their looks that is important but rather the service that they provide. They must be really smooth talkers. Hmm…Letitia is very tempted to go to a host club. Me? Not really…they give the impression of sleaziness despite that there’s NO sex or porno-whatever happening. If you’re interested, the first visit is about 5000 yen (SGD 75)on average for 2 hours. Subsequent visits will cost around 10 000 – 15 000 yen (SGD 150-175) for the same amount of time. Please don’t forget the cost of drinks. I’m a stinge. I’d rather spend that money on anime/jdrama/manga/magazines/novels/CDs.

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