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I see hope! AT called me last night after PP called him to convince me NOT to go to the conference. PP only said so since PTS told him. I love AT now…AT actually defended my case and told PP that my grades have been steadily increasing since year 1 and so, it shouldn’t be a problem that I get straight B+’s this sem (which will result in me getting a 2nd lower hons). I told AT how I felt and that I really need full funding because the cost of the conference is just too high. As such, AT is going to talk to PP to convince PP that I should go..and hopefully, PP will convince PTS that Arts should give me a grant. I know some of you are confused with all the acronymns but I have no choice…if this entry gets found out by the relevant people…there goes my head. Anyway, I shall keep my fingers crossed and hope that everything will be ok.

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