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Watched “Brokeback Mountain” and “Jarhead” with my bro on Friday. Yep…we actually watched 2 movies in a day AND it was little Jake Gyllenhal overload. Haha.. 😀 Anyway, a lot of critics have labelled “Brokeback Mountain” as a movie about 2 gay cowboys but I prefer to think of them as bis cos I think that they did have attraction for their wives. Just that, the attraction for each other is more than what they have with their wives. Anyway, brokeback is a sad love movie that I would recommend to gay-couples as it will definitely make you treasure your partner more. As for the rest of us, watch it for its artistic side as well as to realise how homophobic this society can be. We’re all humans and we should not discriminate due to differences.

“Jarhead” is a good movie too. Shows how screwed up the Marines are and that war is senseless. War is always about politics. *sigh* I do have a lot more things to say but I’m too lazy to type. Haha…so here I shall end.

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