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How I hate this day, let me count the ways:
1. Was supposed to watch “A Season for Love” today with Mingxian. I got onto the bus and sms-ed him to get on the bus when it reached science fac. I tried calling him on the phone just in case. His phone went dead. So, I didnt’ know whether he got the sms or not. Went past sci fac bus stop. I couldn’t see whether Ming got onto the bus or not. Can’t even call him. So, I got off the next stop and walked all the way back to sci to see whether he was there or not. He wasn’t. I couldn’t catch a cab. Missed another bus cos it was too full. Managed to catch the next one. When I reached the Buona Vista bus stop, Ming wasn’t there either! I couldn’t wait for him and took the bus to Orchard. I ended up watching the movie alone. Ming: CHANGE YOUR PHONE AND WAIT AT ONE PLACE!!! P.S. The movie was pretty good. I didn’t like the sad endings though, since I’m such a soppy romantic.

2. My Vice-dean replied to my request for a grant with this:
Dear Melissa

I’ve just reviewed your academic record, and see that you are now at a CAP of 3.44. This means that, in order to achieve the Second Class Lower that is necessary for a USP status, you will have a score a B+ average this semester (for the 6 modules I see you are registered for). Given that so much is at stake, I strongly recommend that you focus on your papers this semester, and strive to do your very best here at NUS. I have spoken to the Director of USP, and Prof Pang is also concerned that you should focus on your academics this semester.

Please see your advisor at USP.

Without that 50% funding, I can’t go for the conference anymore. Looks like I’ve got to send emails to the relevant people to tell them about my withdrawal. Although I still think that I should be allowed to go. My heart shattered when I read that email. I really want to go to Shanghai as well as Kyoto. *sigh*

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