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Happy Valentines’ Day to all my darlings and dears!! Well…Valentines’ Day has usually been a day of absolute yucks to me with only 1 yr being an exception. HOwever, this year’s V’day has flown by without much hassle. Mainly because I stayed home the whole day. Haha…yup…I stayed home the whole day without stepping out for a single minute. Bored? Hell no. I had work to do and I finally had the time to watch 1 episode of NHK’s “Yoshitsune”. This drama has rekindled my interest in the Taira-Minamoto war as well as the rich history that Kyoto has. Ah…I want to go to Kyoto again!! *Sigh* not in the near future though…I’ve already withdrawn from the conference and will not be going to Shanghai or Kyoto. There’s nothing I can do now except concentrate on getting A’s.

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