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Yeah…we have finally decided on a place for our grad trip!! Cambodia! We’re going to see Ang Kor Wat! (what?–> Letitia’s reaction to “Ang Kor Wat”) Yay…yippee…budget airfare is going to be about $120…still have to check out the expenses for hotel etc. Will have to consult my neighbour about that. Hmm…I need to start saving money. No new clothes for the next 3 mths, staying at home to eat (i.e. make parents buy food home) and charging everything else to my parents/brother (wahahaahah). We 7 samurais’ grad trip!!! Wooot!!! HAha…ok…any non-JS people wanna join us??? Tentatively, we’ll be going on the 25/26th May and we’re planning to stay there for 5-7 days.

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