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I haven’t posted for ages….I’m so tired and I’ve got loads of things to do. 1 presentation and 1 interview transcript to do by Monday. My project group wants to meet on Saturday 10 am (there goes my sleep) to discuss (is there anything else that we do need to discuss?). I”m horribly tired and I terribly need to do my papers!! I’ve got 5 freaking papers to write!! My ISM is due on the 5th of April, Mac’s paper is due on the 7th, IPO paper due on the 10th while Simon’s paper is due on the 13th!! May I give a good scream now?? The only paper that has words to it has to be my ISM. I find myself dedicating lots of time and energy to it while neglecting the rest. *sigh*

My friend (who is working) told me yesterday that school is much better than work cos you’ve got to work very hard in order to get better pay. Well, that really depends on the nature of the job and whether you like it or not, right? If you’re in love with you job, I doubt you’ll feel as if you’re squeezing your life source in order to get more pay. Okies…I shall go off now and go do work. *sigh*

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