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It has been a madcap week. 3 papers due this week and 2 of which I only started writing this week. Amazing how I managed to meet the deadlines. I’ve been so used to staying up till 2 am writing all those damned papers that I couldn’t sleep until 2 last night. I was so tired the whole of yesterday (fell asleep in church during the passion of christ…unbelievable right?) but when I finally hit the pillow, I just couldn’t sleep!! I was so frustrated that I took a sleeping pill. Didn’t really work though…still ended sleeping at 2 am. However, the sleeping pill did give me the best sleep I’ve had in weeks. I didn’t hear my grandma going to the toilet and neither did I hear my mum getting out of her room etc. I just slept and slept until Baileys started whining about food. Once I woke up…I had a phone call on my mobile. This silly woman called the wrong number. I call her silly because, twice she called and twice I told her that she had called the wrong number. What does she do then? She calls my mobile phone another 4 times!!! Gosh. She really doesn’t get that she dialled the wrong number, does she? And when she heard my voice for the 3rd time, she was actually rude enough NOT to say a word. Instead, she just hung up. No apology for calling the wrong number for more than 5 times either. What’s her problem? Anyway…it’s Saturday and I’ve got tons of things to do again. *sigh* Exams are coming!!! I’m a little nervous this time..I wonder whether I’ll be able to scrap by a 2nd lower or not. *wrings fingers* By the way, sing: you told me that my entry “Requiem” made you regret not staying on in hons year…why?

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