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My interview with DFS went splendidly today! I’ve been invited to another round of meet-n-greet with the managing director this Tuesday. It’ll be a half-day session (groan at having to wake up early) and I really hope that I get hired by DFS! Amazingly, I was told that the process took so long because there were 1000 applicants and out of these people, only 80 people were selected for the interview. Furthermore, out of these 80 people, only about 10-20 people will be selected for the session on Tuesday. *Big grin* I would’ve really been on Cloud 9 today if I didn’t have to go for another interview at 5. I was early but the manager couldn’t meet me earlier because she was busy interviewing another person. To make things more irritating, I forgot about tuition. So I had to reschedule my interview to Monday. How was tuition today? *sigh* I’m really starting to doubt the intelligence of my student. He couldn’t answer this question: Who was stated to be a Santa Claus to his hometown? He couldn’t link the footballer in his passage to this question despite the passage describing him as someone who gives generously to charity and to his community. I could scream. I seriously want him to do well in school but I’m giving up a lot of hope cause I just don’t think he’s got the intelligence for it. His general knowledge is nil. He doesn’t listen to the news on tv and neither does he read the newspaper. I didn’t either when I was his age…but I remember being able to pick up information and words from my parents, elder brother and peers. Ok…I shall not compare myself with him. However, sadly, I find it very hard to make him improve if he doesn’t have that ability to link things together. *sigh* ah well…I shall not let him dampen my mood…lalalala!

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