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I have post-exam plans!!
5th may – Interview with SIA. Wish me luck!
6th may – 9 am tuition (T_T)
7th may – Tree top walk at Mac Ritchie Reservoir??
8th may – Interview with a consultancy firm. Starts at 9 am…I don’t feel particularly enthu about this interview since it’s going to be THE WHOLE DAY.
9th may – Day out with my aijin!! Signing up for nihongo classes at ikoma, checking out yoga classes at True Yoga, shopping, karaoke, movie (?), clubbing (?)

Goals for this year:
1. To pass JLPT 3 at the end of this year
2. To go overseas for a holiday at the end of this year
3. To hold a themed b’day party this October…everyone has to wear their yukata/ junbei/ hakama ><
4. To get a job by July!!
5. To lose 10 kgs by July…haha…

Ok…now that my last exam paper is drawing near…I’m really getting more and more excited! Yes…it’s a new phase in life, but I seriously think that it’s great to finally reached another stage in life!

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