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Tonight’s STW gathering was fun especially after the karaoke session last tuesday. We had loads to eat and my house can atest to that..haha…my living room still smells like a BBQ pit despite the fact that we had stopped cooking at 9. Okonomiyaki!! Yay! I finally get to eat okonomiyaki that was prepared and cooked in my home. Haha…sounds rather dumb to get excited over it. But yeah…it was fun. I can try my host mum’s variation of putting seafood into it and probably experiment with other kinds of meats as well. Today was also the day that I found out that another guy friend has dropped off the singles list. Jesse, omedetou!! Derek too! Kim’s status is rather iffy (i.e. more probing needed) while Wei’s still looking and crossing people off his list. That leaves only Yuyuan and I as the 2 remaining singles…oops…I’m not sure about Yingling…oh, Shumin’s not attached either. Ah well…doesn’t matter to me. I believe that one should always let nature takes its own course. My social calendar’s really getting packed. I’ve got a lunch outing tomorrow with Dr Lim, Carol and Meihui; followed by an interview in the evening. Friday morning is tuition bright and early…*yawn* anybody wants to watch X-men with me??

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