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Saito’s paper is finally over…and I’ve unofficially graduated. How do I feel? Strangely enough, half excited but half of me is kinda numb. Just like Meihui said, the end of exams doesn’t really have a huge impact on you once you’re in University. I think I drank too much coffee and tea today…my stomach feels a little weird. Ah well…went shopping with Guifang after Saito’s paper and I’ve already spent $100 within 3 hours. What did I buy? I spent $75 on a Zara blouse (yes, I know. Kinda pricey but no choice cos I couldn’t find any cheaper and just as nice blouse…I AM going for an interview tomorrow you know), $12.90 on Wang Lee Hom’s latest album, $12.70 for nail whitener and eye drops and $2.80 for a pearl milk tea. I’m eyeing a pair of wedge slippers from URS as well as a few other pairs of pants from Mango and Bossini. I’m just a clothes/bag/shoes hag. Haha….ooh…clubbing on Wed!!!

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