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Somebody complained that I haven’t been blogging lately. Well, I did warn you guys that I won’t be able to blog that often once I started working. True indeed…I didn’t have the time nor the energy to do so. However, I am now waiting for my hair to dry before I go and sleep. I went on MC yesterday and it was a well deserved break. Felt so refreshed and energetic this morning. When I woke up at 6:30am yesterday (I’m supposed to have LEFT the house by then), I was exhausted and feeling absolutely lazy…so I msged my colleague to tell her that I had stomach problems. When I woke up later at 9:30, my lower back was hurting like mad and it had been hurting since Tuesday. When I sat up, it hurt. Bent down, it hurt. Stood up, hurt. Sit, hurt. You get the idea. So I went to see the doc and got a day’s MC. What joy!!! Haha…! Spent the whole day slacking in front my of comp watching all my anime n jdramas until I was sleepy…then I took a 3 hr nap. It was fantastic!! Anyway, the doc said that my back is due to a muscle inflammation that is the result of sitting too long in one position. It doesn’t help that I fell on the base of my spine 2 yrs ago. So, now, I have to get up and walk around every hour and stretch…if not my old injury will come back and haunt me.

Speaking of haunting. It’s the 7th lunar month! Hungry ghost fest. I have no idea why it’s called a festival. Do you see us humans having particular fun??? Aside from the various auctions and getai (ie. horrible singing that I suppose only the dead can put up with), what’s so festive about the hungry ghost month?? Seems more eeky and scary to me. A month where we should hide in our houses once the clock hits 10pm. And all those burning paper money? You know how they say it’s bad luck to step on a burnt paper? Well, it’s really hard to avoid them this time of the year cos it’s EVERYWHERE and a lot of Singaporeans are not courteous enough to use a blardy burning bin. Seriously, it’s bad enough that we’ve got to inhale so much smoke and ash. But flying burning paper? And bad luck if we step on them?? With the amount of burning paper, I think all the so-called bad luck will cancel each other out. Oh…and this year’s a special year. We do not have ONE 7th lunar month. We have TWO!!! Oh joy. As if one 7th lunar month isn’t creepy enough. And to all of those who don’t believe in ghosts….so be it. I happened to have seen one once and that’s enough to make me believe that there are lots of souls in purgatory that are drifting around. The fact that there are people in this world who can SEE ghosts is enough testament to moi. Ok…I’m getting creeped out typing this at 11pm.

Anyway, I was chided by my colleague today cos I brought let-chan to the trading floor. She told me that the trading floor is special and I can’t bring non-GS people there. Ok…everything’s like freaking confidential in my office. I can’t enter the production room (where they print and bind) cos it’s confidential. Sheesh. -_- Yah…whatever. Ok…I’m getting bitchier. I think it’s the nature of my work. People expect things to be done at the snap of the fingers and no errors are allowed. *sigh* yesterday was bliss. But today wasn’t too bad in terms of food. As today was corp day, there were ‘waves’ of food entering my small section.
1st wave: corp day breakfast was over and there was leftovers…porridge, soon kueh, sausages and pau.

2nd wave: corp day lunch was over and there were 3 bento sets leftover. I took one and gave 1 to let-chan.

3rd wave: corp day buffet lunch was over and there was A LOT of food left. Let-chan and I ate it for lunch. OISHIIKATTA!!! 🙂 And I even packed the whole plate of roast lamb home.

4th wave: an analyst bought 3 boxes of paus for the sales team.

Never seen so much food at my desk before. You must understand, my desk is at the extreme end and faces the corridor, which leads to the pantry. So the MOST convenient place to put food at is just next to my desk. I see food next to me almost everyday. Seriously. I’m never going to lose weight. (T_T)

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