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I have lost my zeal for blogging. I’m just tired of reading and writing blogs. Seriously. Maybe because I’d rather sleep or do yoga. I surprise myself about this yoga. When I’m doing it, I think “what the hell have I gotten myself into?” but once the session is over, I think “wow, that was great! Can’t wait to do it tomorrow!”. Weird huh. I don’t think my weight loss programme will ever take flight. I think I’m starting to pile on the weight again. Damn. I’ve got no self control. Thank goodness I’ve got yoga to control my weight a little. I personally don’t think I eat a lot…but obviously I’m eating more calories than my body requires. Perhaps I should follow the advice of a nutritionist that I read in a magazine. Don’t eat if you’re not hungry, cos it doesn’t hurt for you to skip a meal. I’m never hungry for dinner when I’m working. I’m too busy pumping my system with green tea. Green tea is supposed to help slimming…hence my enthusiastic consumption of it. Haha…whatever it takes man. Whatever it takes. Ah well…back to my ‘sian-ness’. Work’s fine, I guess. It’s just the hours that suck. I realise that I don’t really enjoy reading financial reports or reports about stocks and shares. Not interested. I should be looking into another field. Right?

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