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Met up with Let-chan yesterday (fri) for dinner and drinks as she found out her now ex-bf was 2-timing her. What a bastard. He’s now being called “the pile of shit” or 那堆屎 in chinese. *sigh* why do such men exist? Is it really thrilling to be having more than 1 gf?? Well, glad that let-chan found out about it. Now she’s really rid of him. *HUGS LET-CHAN* there are better men out there!!!

I’ve received my 1st pay cheque (well, it’s technically not a cheque but you know what I mean) and although I like having money in my bank, I didn’t get that expected sense of elation. More like…it SHOULD be there on Friday. Haha…anyway, I wasn’t too happy when mum called me this morning after she knew that I’ve received my first pay. She actually called me to ask for her dues. Oh gosh. All along, I just KNEW that she was going to do such a thing and I completely understand how Gor feels. If she didn’t mention it, I’d be more willing to give her more money. But the fact that she demands it is a HUGE turn off. *sigh*

1 month into my job and my thoughts on it? I seriously wonder whether banking is for me. I’m a bummer most of the time. The hours are nuts and I’m exhausted. I don’t really give a shit as to which stock is rising etc. I don’t quite care that IMF is holding their meeting here in Singapore this year. However, I have to care now ‘cos I’m in the biz. I’m tired of pretending NOT to be tired. Actually, I hardly bother pretending to be genki and cheerful. I know…very bad tactic. But I’m really exhausted. GS ought to buy those nice relaxation chairs for us employees. I think I’ve developed a bad reputation with IT in my company. They seem to know me when I mention my name. Haha…I’ve bugged them with loads of minute problems that aren’t really problems. Ah well. I’ve even developed a repute with those in NYC. They’re pissed with me cos I added clients on our programme when these clients are already on the programme. Ah well. Heck. I’m new. Whatever. I think I should just be a NEET. Sorry, I don’t quite remember what NEET stands for except: Not in education, employed and something else. I’m quite addicted to the song “Maybe tomorrow” by Stereophonics. It’s now my life song. As in, it describes my current mood towards my life. Go search for the lyrics and you’ll understand why – I hope.

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