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How time flies…it’s been almost 2 mths since I’ve joined GS. I’ve come to a point where I’ve got to make plans for my future. I had a chat with Irene yesterday regarding my future plans. I know that I want to study my Jpnese further and sit for JLPT2 in Dec. However, should I renew my contract with GS? Should I even stay in this industry? I’m not really sure what I want. What job I want. Gor told me that I need to really think about what I’m bitching about my job…cos it may be the same in any other job. Nonetheless, I really don’t see myself to be like Irene. I can’t do this job for the next 2 years. I’ll go mad and I’m a little too ambitious. I don’t want to be an assistant. I want to HAVE an assistant. Haha…well well. What do I want? I don’t know. I’m still asking myself that question…and hoping for an answer. If I’m purely motivated by money, I’m sure staying around and getting a perm job at GS would be good. But I don’t get any satisfaction. I want to have passion and drive like the rest of my sales team. I may not want to do what they’re doing but I definitely enjoy doing something that I’m totally passionate about. *Sigh* What should I do?

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