Thank god for public holidays!!!

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Yesterday was a damn shitty day. Everything that can screw up, screwed up. I had 2 research analysts (anal-yst) hounding me. 1 was angry with me and another kept asking why I didn’t update the schedules. Then I realised that I messed up with one of the roadshow and got scolded by one of my sales member cos we have to reschedule with clients (who’ll get upset). Then some bunch of korean corporates are just super toot toot and I got really pissed with them….their assistants are another thing. They never bothered about presentation materials!! I had to chase them and I only got the material yesterday morning and they had a small group meeting at 11:30. I practically rushed my production team to print 15 copies and bind them within half an hour. Fantastic production team, isn’t it? I was literally running over the office like mad. I didn’t even have enough peace to eat lunch. Seriously. I’m starting to lose any semblence of appetite. I can’t make coherent sentences while working. I hate this job. I seriously do.

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