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I’ve finally decided to take JLPT3 instead of 2 cos I really don’t think that I have enough time to learn all those new grammar and vocab. I was doing past yr JLPT3 questions and I realised that there are A LOT of vocab that I haven’t learnt yet. So…I shall self-study for those and memorise like mad. Let-chan…looks like I will be joining you guys next yr for JLPT2! Guifang…you can ganbare for JLPT1 next yr too! hee….

Eh…why are some other people losing weight due to diarrohea/stress? Sick. I’m not losing any weight and god forbid I put on anymore weight. *sigh*

Oh…NDR…hilarious bit. Prince (he’s not king yet…we all know who’s the kind…although he’s supposedly semi-retired) Lee said something against Mr Brown’s “bak chor mee”. The retort was “mee siam mai harm (cockles)”. Excuse me…since when did mee siam contain any seafood? Maybe he meant mai hiam (no chilli)…but then again…it only goes to show how Prince Lee isn’t THAT witty. My bro commented that it also shows how removed Prince Lee is from the common folk. Another thing that I picked out from his rally. He compared politics to music , saying that we should all be playing the same music and something about jazz. Hello……There are different genres of music for a reason. It’s called DIVERSITY and CREATIVITY. And when opinion DIFFERS, it goes to show that people CARE and are working towards a better society. Don’t squash all these comments. Take them as constructive criticism. Why can’t we make fun of our politicians? Too scared that our jokes are a true reflection of them? Not egotistical enough to handle jokes? To sensitive to hear things that are not praises? Not willing to admit that you’re human and make stupid statements (mee siam mai harm)? Lighten up dude…and please get a better script writer.

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