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Seems like a long time since I’ve last blogged although it has only been a couple of weeks. Well, just wanted to let you guys know that I’m still alive and well. haha…Oh, I’ve upgraded my phone to a 3G one and it’s brilliant!! Just did a video call with Mingxian and managed to see my host family in Japan! Cool isn’t it? Managed to say hi and use my degenerating Japanese. Hahaha….I am planning to go to Japan in December but the way things have been dragging on, I wonder whether that’s possible or not. I’ve already taken my leave…but who knows. *Sigh* I haven’t told anyone there that I will be going over…don’t want them to anticipate anything. Unlike our dear Satoshi, who told me AND jonny that he plans to come to Singapore. It has been a year…he still hasn’t set foot on this sunny island. Instead, he bought a car. Damn. Ah well…I’ll see how things go. I’d love to bitch about my job…but I can’t be bothered to type things out. Who knows who might be reading this blog anyways. Right?

Okies…I shall meet up with all you good pals of mine and we should chill out…like today! Thanks Let-chan for organising the lunch cum movie outing…although you fell sick and ended up staying at home. Did you fall sick after staying up all night with Andy Lau?? *laughs* ‘Death Note’ wasn’t that fantastic but neither was it horrible. I would watch all the movies just because I’m such a fan of the manga. I love the plot of the manga…but in movieland…things have to speed up AND change. They changed quite a bit of the story in the movie. Shan’t spoil it for those who haven’t watched it. Hee. Btw, I refuse to watch “Sinking of Japan”. Looks like its headed down the drain and most film reviewers agree. Waste of moolah I tell you. I’d rather spend it on a new pair of shoes. Speaking of which, I need to get proper footwear if I’m really headed to Hokkaido. Boots? Uggs? Dochira ga iino??

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