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It’s that time of the year again and here’s my annual christmas wish list! Of course, some are an appeal to the big guy up there…but ah well…

1. Knowledge as to what career I want
2. Contributions to the cost of my new hiking boots
3. A bluetooth handsfree set for my mobile (sony ericsson)
4. A new wardrobe (the actually cabinet for me to store my growing collection of clothes)
5. Contributions to the cost of my hokkaido trip 😀
6. A digital camera
7. Contributions to my Japanese language lessons
8. A dress watch (not in black)
9. Um…payment for weight loss programme (ahahaha)

Ok…if you realise, there aren’t a lot of material things that I want…I just need moolah to do things that I want to do for personal fulfillment. However, receiving cash as a gift is rather meaningless too. To me, a gift represents what you think of that person…so…whenever I get a gift, I’m actually thinking of what that person thinks of me and treats me. Woah…stressed out in getting a gift for me now??? Haha….it doesn’t matter my dears. I still love you guys the same! 🙂

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