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This is me tired, sleepy and bored but unable to fall asleep. Gosh…even in B&W, my eye bags are horrible. Puffy eyes!!! Bleah. I was seriously tired then but decided to play around with my phone camera’s effects. Not bad considering that I wasn’t wearing my glasses.

Took this pic last week at Marina Square’s Spaggedies. I took it for fun as Gor refused to let me take his pictures…another thing that I wanted to take was the decorations behind him. They’re like upside-down lilies with some vine-like thingies. Nice. Was Chinese New Year-ish but not too cheena. 🙂

Here’s a pic that I took from the Marina Square Food Court. Nice view isn’t it? Cheap sea view…I only paid $4 for my crispy noodles (a lot of MSG..not on my list of recommendations) and $1.30 for my drink for this view. Who needs to go to one of the fancy restaurants at esplanade/ One Fullerton/ Boat Quay? Haha…the cheapo rules!

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