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Let me tell you the day’s frustration…it all began at 3am this freaking morning. I heard dad’s door open and I immediately thought, “OH SHIT! It’s 6:45am and I didn’t hear my alarm clock!” Checked my clock and it was 3 am….but I still had to get up to let my whining dog out of my room. Ok…tried to fall back asleep but then I kept hearing the toilet door open and close (flushing included) every 15 odd mins. Reason? My grandma was having diarrhoea. She even came to my/my bro’s room twice to get a change of slacks. Ok….tried to go back to sleep again…this time, my alarm clocks rang and my grandma was still shuffling to the loo. Ok. 6:30am…I asked my half-awake bro, “Should we bring mama to see the doc later today?” Reply: “Yeah…maybe.” Me: “Ok, I’ll inform my colleague that I’ll be going to the office later and I’ll bring mama to the clinic.” That said, head hit the pillow and drifted off to blissful sleep until my dad made his usual toilet commotion and then at 8, opened the door and loudly asked, “You’re on leave today ah?” Me mumbled, “No. Mama had diarrhoea since 3am. I’m bringing her to the docs.” Finally, parents left the house and I could sleep till 9am. ..when I knew that I had to send my granny to the clinic. Came back from the docs and BOTH my mobile and home phone started ringing one after another. When I lied down, someone from DHL came. After that, the fridge repair man came. *SIGH*.

I want to disappear to somewhere and just sleep the whole day w/o alarm clocks or parents.

Highlight of the day was a very yummy dinner at Four Seasons’ Jiang Nan Chun restaurant. We hosted a welcome dinner for a few Taiwan corporates who came to town for our corporate day tomorrow. Good food and thankfully no awkward silences. Yoosh!

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