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The moon looks pretty full tonight…wonder whether it’s the 15th day in the lunar calendar. That would explain my distress. I’m being torn between 2 firms….1’s pulling me to end my term at GS early (so that I can start earlier there…duh) while GS wants me to end as late as possible. *sigh* Let me play HR political warfare here. I’m stuck in the middle and there are unhappy people around me. I can’t please everybody ya know.

I did a french manicure myself for the 1st time! I’m pretty pleased with the results 🙂 I wanted to take a pic of them but couldn’t get a pretty one.

My room’s in a mess…I need time off just to clear it up. I don’t want it to turn into a cesspool of germs/dust bunnies/dead matter/paper….it might end up looking like my student’s place *gasp*!

Gor’s off to London in mid-May. My brother the trader. Sounds weird. My bro a trader? Hmmm….hahaha….I’m so mean. Too bad I can’t help him relocate…thanks to my WORK committments. I still can’t over the fact that my bro’s going to be a trader. So now both of us are in front office. Brilliant! 🙂

Next week is going to be madness for me. I’m looking at my work calendar and I can faint from the sheer no. of companies and analysts marketing. Why do they ALL love next week so much? Esp Friday the 13th?? I NEED A HOLIDAY!!!!

Went to the clinic downstairs from my office and the regular doc was out. Thus, a replacement doc was in and boy is he CUTE. I’m talking Daniel Henley kind of cute. Great skin, rosy cheeks, buff bod, great smile and he’s freaking rich. He’s only in his mid-3o’s but looks my age. He used to work for hedgefunds (he only practiced medicine for a few years) and he came back from London 8 months ago. He’s thinking of starting a hedgefund of his own here in Singapore or HK. What does this mean? He’s damn freaking loaded. I can imagine Sing going, “What are you waiting for? Chase after him!” Well, he gives off playboy vibes and he’s obviously very vain. He had his 2 or 3 shirt buttons undone. Any more buttons undone and you could see his abs. I’m serious. Ok…I think Sing and Moon are drooling now. HAHAHAHA… Anyways, the conclusion is that I’ve got hay fever and my sinuses are infected. Great. That explains the headaches and constant sneezing in the office. Doesn’t help that my boss is woefully sick. Help.

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