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Yes guys, I’m finally back and I’m finally blogging again! I was in HK for training and later in Manila for our mini-conference and here are the pics! It’s Vesak Day today!! YAY…cos it means that it’s a PUBLIC HOLIDAY! For some apparent reason, I feel really tired these days and I think it’s because I caught a cold…sniffle…ok…pics!

Maryann, my colleague in Phils; Bruce, my boss; and myself!Vicky, my HK colleague, and myself.Carol, my HK colleague, and myself.
Check out my room in Shangri-la Makati!

Aren’t these toys cute??? Each one comes with the mango/strawberry drink! The waiters were biased towards me…hee…they took all 3 and allowed me to choose my fav while also allowing me to take a pic of all 3 toys! All the clients got tigers and elephants while I got the iguana! 🙂

Ok, you would ask me whether I had fun or not…well, in some ways I did but mostly it was because I got to know people and I got to learn how things were done. The thing I like about my new role is that I get to go out there on the ‘field’ if you call it.

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