Labour Day and new beginnings

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I start work at my new place tomorrow and I’m kinda excited and scared again. Doesn’t help that I’m having menstrual cramps and a pounding headache at the same time. Serves me right for downing 4 drinks yesterday and sleeping only at 4am this morning…*eyebags*

My boss didn’t reply to my email asking her what time I should report to work so I’m just going to turn up at 8:30am tomorrow. Hahaha…

I really should start packing my luggage eh…throw in all my suits and lovely shoes…shoes…I love shoes….ok, I’m digressing. I’ve got to meet tons of people in HK…oh, that reminds me, I’ve got to reply to my former neighbour’s email. I’ll be staying with them for 1 night before heading off to Bishop Lei hotel. I’m hoping that I can change my hotel…Bishop Lei’s kinda far from Chater House and I don’t like to wake up earlier JUST to get to work on time. Ah well…we’ll see how things go. 🙂 Wish me luck and that people like me!

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