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Heard the news yesterday about the Pope’s decision about changing the mass to Latin? I seriously think that his reason about wanting people to know the history and tradition of the church IS NOT GOING TO HELP! Seriously. Listening to the mass in your own local language is already hard enough…let alone in Latin.

You want a revival in the Catholic Church? LISTEN TO THE YOUTH! They’re the ones who are going to maintain the church and spread the word. The Youth do want to remain faithful and do want to go to church BUT there are just too many rules, too many traditional stuff that just spoils the whole experience. You want the people to learn about the history of the Church? There’s something called CATHECISM (a.k.a. Sunday school).

Let’s look at what the Church is supposed to teach:
– love (God’s love as well as love we shld show to each other)
– understanding
– patience
– God, Jesus and just generally being good

These are more important than the language of the mass! Vatican 2 is about community. Where would be the sense of community if the Church…no no, I shouldn’t say Church…I should say “The Pope”. Anyway, as I was saying…where would be the sense of the community if the Pope insists on reintroducing Latin Masses? It’s going to be a major turn-off for most of the youth. Youths are grappling with their lives, searching for God and searching for answers. Heck, I’m still grappling with my life and constantly searching for answers and for myself in this world.

What is so attractive about the Protestant Churches is that they’re inclusive and not exclusive (except maybe to those who refuse to convert…haha). Why no female priest(ess)? What’s wrong with having a female up there performing the rites and celebrating mass?

I seriously think that all the old fogies in the Vatican are too removed from the masses, especially the youth. Have more dialogues with the youth; have communication with parish priests who are in contact with the youth as well as the older folks and be more inclusive. Humans always want to feel welcomed and not bogged down by so much religious bureaucracy. Want to take steps backwards? Then step back into the SPIRIT of the 1st Christians who were more concerned about spreading the Good News and trying to become more like Jesus in their daily lives. That’s what we Catholics should strive towards. Language matters as language is local and local is easier to comprehend and touch. Haven’t we learnt through the New Testament that God is not some far removed being but he/she is always close by and we can easily turn to? He is our counsellor and guide.

What is all the point of all the open showyness of worshipping and showing how in awe we are of him when our lives aren’t changed? Mass began as a way of a community praying and worshipping together. I always say that I love being a Catholic because I can go anywhere in the world, attend Mass and still be able to worship and understand what is going on. Nonetheless, I still feel that Catholics are so ritualistic that they’ve forgotten the importance of mass. It’s not the rituals but rather the sense of community and celebrating with God.

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