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Mel feels inspired

Mum and I signed up for a Prayer retreat where we’re supposed to learn how to pray and therefore grow closer to God. Throughout today’s session, I realised that unknowingly, God had already taught me how to have a dialogue with him and making me more aware of Him throughout my life. I also remember Clare’s question to me about how I should serve God and give back. Today’s session felt right.

I’ve hesitated to join any of the church’s choirs and you’d think that it would be unnatural for me…especially when I do love to sing and be around musically-inclined people. I’ve flirted with the idea of being a cathecist but I think that I don’t have enough patience with children and neither do I find myself very knowledgable. But perhaps, this is it. Perhaps my way of giving back is through sharing my personal experiences.

Prayer is not a monologue. It’s not clasping one’s hands and reciting set words. I always felt that saying the rosary or reciting prayers during mass were not my prayer. I like to reflect on whatever troubling me during the period or whatever I am thankful for. I like to run through thoughts and reflect on my emotions and question WHY do I feel those emotions. Are those emotions rational? Where are they coming from? More importantly, I find that I am becoming more aware of God’s presence and voice. Some may be ‘signs’ or just things that…all depends on you.

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