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I’m done. I’m done complaining and wallowing in self misery. Each time I feel miserable, I can’t help but remember what Joel and Kenric said to me before…that I like to make myself sound like the victim.

Yes, I did have a part to play in all the bad mouthing that went on for the past 3 mths. I don’t know why I wasn’t more careful. After all that training that I received in GS, you would’ve thought that I would be more careful but I wasn’t. I was rash, slightly arrogant and didn’t cover my ass well. *sigh* Irene is right. Nobody is as nice as her to tell me straight that I’ve made a mistake and to help me cover it up. No melodrama from her or her bitching about it to others. I miss that.

Ah well…I feel rather embarassed whenever I recall what my sg boss said to me in a conference call together with my hk boss. *sigh* Ah well…what’s done is done and I am too tired to talk about it. I’ll live. I tried too hard. Instead of doing well, I fell flat on my face and there’s spilt milk for me to clean up.

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