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Your Score: INTP

You scored 60Introversion, 59 iNtuitiveness, 38 Feelingnessand 20 Judgingness!

Nerdy, secretive, you are the INTP. Communication is sometimes necessary to you but only when it involves something impossibly deep or complex. You talk to your friends about eastern philosophy, western religion, weird ass music like…”well, you probably haven’t heard of them”, etc. You are highly theoretical, dealing mostly in possibilities. Thus, you aren’t highly inclined to action. Rather than flying the aeroplane, you build it and let the ISTP fly it. You read everything, because it increases your knowledge base, and therefore the number of things you can think about. You probably can’t relate to “S’s” very well, because talking about the “defensive lines of the PAC 10” bores the hell out of you. Where do people fit in to your understanding? You analyze them carefully, much like you would analyze a book, and then base your opinions of them on that. Perhaps you should accept people more than you analyze. your life might be easier.

Introvert: You are internally focused

iNtuitive: You are abstract

Thinking: You use your thinking to make decisions

Perceiving: You use your imagination to define your ideas

Link: The strangely accurate personality Test written by Whalesfromheck on OkCupid, home of the The Dating Persona Test

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