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Mel has been lusted, cautioned.

Haha…ok…went to watch “Lust, Caution” with Moon and Cubey last night. My gosh…it is a very good film. Tony Leung’s butt is very nice too! Ok, lustful glances aside, the pace of the movie was fantastic. It wasn’t slow (unlike another famous arty farty director who loves to set his films in 1940s Shanghai) and the acting from the cast was incredible. EACH OF THEM DESERVE AN OSCAR! Tang Wei – how can anybody NOT applaud her acting? She and Tony Leung have conversations with their eyes. Tony Leung – enough said. Ang Lee has created another masterpiece.

Anyway, interesting thing happened. The tickets were not printed in order! Maybe I should’ve bought 4D for yesterday’s date…haha…but I’m not a gambling woman.

Ok..on to the complaints that I have against 2 companies. Firstly, Singtel. For the 2nd time, they DID NOT send me my bills for 2 mths. Well, but they certainly did not forget to charge it to my credit card.

Secondly is The Cannery. They FINALLY send me a bill for Sept’s charges and they dared to charge me $20 for late payment. Excuse me. I never received the statement from them either at end Sept or in Oct and they dare to charge me for late payment?? WTF! They’re soooooo going to get an earful from me tomorrow when their customer service line is open.

Ah well…thank goodness I had “Lust, Caution” to calm and entertain me yesterday. Ok…on to the next show “Stardust”!

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