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Watched “Nanking” with Sing, Chow, Jaimes and Lefei yesterday and I must say that it is a very important film that everyone should watch. It’s not your typical documentary where there’s a narrator and where you see interviewees. The ‘narrators’ are from the perspectives of the people who were actually involved in the safety zone in Nanking. In addition, you hear the perspectives of the Japanese soldiers who were at Nanking. One thing I like about this film is that it doesn’t strive to be ‘objective’ and it doesn’t sell itself to be one. In fact, it starts out telling you that its from all these different people’s diaries etc. Absolutely subjective but yet its an important story to tell. It shows the truth – that war is cruel, bad and should not and cannot be covered up. Truth – humans will rise to the occassion and do something that’s beyond their ordinary lives in order to protect and save the less fortunate. Truth – its not time to hate or blame…the world needs to heal. People suffered. We need to remember their pain and suffering in order to ensure that this does not happen again.

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