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First posting of mine for 2008!!!

Darn it. Yet another year has flown by and as usual, the holidays aren’t long enough. Took a sickie today and that’s why I’m at home blogging. I’m not going to do a reflection on the past year ‘cos 2007 kinda rocked and 2008 had better be a blast!!!!!

Wish list for 2008:
1. Learn how to dive – go to an open course in Feb/ March!
2. Go to Seoul & some part of Japan for a 10 day holiday
3. Go to one of the larger conferences
4. Lose 10 kgs (I’m starting to turn into a gym rat..but nothing’s melting..damn)
5. Pay rise + good bonus (*crosses fingers* I’ll know it end of this mth!)
6. Stop making menial mistakes and make queen bee and other idiots eat crow!
7. New wardrobe…anyone wants to contribute? *hopeful look*
8. THAT miu miu bag
9. A bf? hahahahaha……
10. More wine & cheese sessions
11. More $ inside the fewer ang pows that I’ll be collecting this yr
12. Ability to invest my $ and get 12% returns within a yr *more laughter*
13. E-savers to STOP adjusting their interest rates down…go UP dammit!
14. Mama to age gracefully
15. Less stress, less work, more recognition
16. More hair, less grey hair please!
17. More clubbing sessions!! PARTEEEE~~~~ (with free booze pls)
18. A snazzy new Sony Ericsson phone with 3 megapixel cam (^^)
19. A pink digi-cam (^^)v
20. More interesting dramas & anime (getting bored soon….)

*Does a little dance* C’mon 2008! Don’t disappoint me!!!

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