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Revisting New Year’s Wishes….

Wish list for 2008:
1. Learn how to dive – go to an open course in Feb/ March! [not done]
2. Go to Seoul & some part of Japan for a 10 day holiday [not done]
3. Go to one of the larger conferences [might be going to the AP Tech conf]
4. Lose 10 kgs [nothing’s lost…yet]
5. Pay rise + good bonus [Yes but bonus was so-so]
6. Stop making menial mistakes and make queen bee and other idiots eat crow! [hehehe]
7. New wardrobe…anyone wants to contribute? [will do so after Feb]
8. THAT miu miu bag [giving this up for no.7]
9. A bf? hahahahaha…… [I’m still laughing]
10. More wine & cheese sessions [*wink*]
11. More $ inside the fewer ang pows that I’ll be collecting this yr [will know next week]
12. Ability to invest my $ and get 12% returns within a yr *more laughter*
13. E-savers to STOP adjusting their interest rates down…go UP dammit! [they’re revising down to 0.8%! WTF! I might as well leave my $ under my bed]
14. Mama to age gracefully [no comments]
15. Less stress, less work, more recognition [it’s a case of more of EVERYTHING]
16. More hair, less grey hair please! [doubt this is happening]
17. More clubbing sessions!! PARTEEEE~~~~ (with free booze pls) [uh….]
18. A snazzy new Sony Ericsson phone with 3 megapixel cam (^^) [maybe in Oct]
19. A pink digi-cam (^^)v [am contemplating…but prolly after Feb]
20. More interesting dramas & anime (getting bored soon….) [Checking out Rosario+Vampire now]

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