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Went clubbing with Jiak, Jaimes, Christabel, Joanna and Deanna last night at Butter Factory and boy was it a night of lots of things happening. We even met Lynette there (I haven’t seen her for 9 years)! First up – I must say that this isn’t my first time at Butter Factory and both times, the music transistion was just odd. Each song was good. Just that the transistion was damn off.

Secondly – there were a lot of dangerous dancers in there at around 11:30pm. This guy had a small waist pouch and he was dancing on the raised platform. Pls be conscious of the people behind you when you shake your booty!! He was with a bunch of friends and all of them are dangerous I tell you. One of his Indian friends (not meant to be racist. He just IS Indian.) was actually running/ skipping around the raised platform. (0_O)? That really caused me and Christabel to just burst out laughing after the initial frown. Wait. There’s more. They’ve got a couple of ang moh and I don’t know what other race friends who were just TAKING A LOT OF ROOM from shaking side to side. ( -_-;)

Soon, that bunch of people left and guess who we saw? We saw a local male singer (make a guess, he’s around my age and he’s famous in Taiwan and China too) who was getting jiggy with someone I dare guess to be his gf. She looked pretty insecure.

After 12:30am, the crowd was getting more into the groove and some MORE into something else. There was this annoying couple that was slowly gyrating (how you can slowly gyrate to hip-hop, I have no idea) and then soon their tongues were in each other’s mouths and his hands were almost riding up her skirt. They needed a room. Besides the irritating PDA, they were taking up a lot of space!! The dance floor is already so crowded and you would’ve thought that they would be kinda rooted to one spot but on the contrary, they somehow managed to sway a lot. Sheesh…this is the 2nd time I’ve seen this kind of thing. Thank goodness they weren’t like the stripper-dancer type like what I saw at Gallery Bar in Dec. Hmm…is clubbing these couples’ idea of foreplay? But couldn’t see any sparks flying…just a lot of gyrating, groping and of course, tongue action. Hmm.

Thank goodness that ended a while later. However, within the hour, the floor got even MORE crowded and it didn’t help that the air-conditioning that day was quite crap. At around 2am….I got pretty irritated by this girl who just needed a lot of space to dance. Mind you, I do admit that she’s a good dancer but when the dance floor is so crowded, please be considerate of the people around you and STOP BUMPING INTO THEM! She bumped into me a gazillion times. I even stood still once to see how she’d like it if she obviously bumped into someone but she didn’t give a damn. Ah well. By 2:30am, I had danced enough and my toes were really hurting badly…so Jiak, Jaimes and I decided to go to River Valley for supper.

Upside: $21 (ladies)/ $26 (gents) for 2 standard drinks is quite a pretty decent cover charge. The drinks aren’t too bad and you’d end up paying more if you bought 2 standard drinks without paying the cover charge (UOB Plat card holders get in free before 11pm). DJ is quite good except for the transition issue.

Downside: The air-con; the dance floor gets too crowded and the people aren’t as considerate as those that club at Velvet Dragon or St. James. Jiak’s complaint is that the crowd in Butter Factory is too young. Yes…the crowd there are like in their late teens to 30s tops. There aren’t enough chairs for people to rest either.

In all…I think I’ll stick to MOS or St. James and I already miss Club Momo….

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