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It started with a twitch…then another…then LOTS. This was the premonition of things to come last month.

As most of you know, I was in HK for 2 weeks just after the Chinese New Year holiday. I was in shock the first week that I was there because, on the Tue that I got back, I learnt through an email that a sales colleague had left. On the same evening, my boss met with one of the big bosses and next thing I knew, he walked in and said, “Today is my last day here. It has been great working with all of you.” before proceeding to pack up and then hugging all of us goodbye. *Shock* On the Fri of that week, I got a ‘Thank You’ email from one of my research colleagues. I didn’t know he was leaving and I called him up immediately wondering where he was going to. My goodness. If that wasn’t enough, the following Mon, I had dinner with an ex-colleague and she told me that my former boss had also resigned. Wow. Talk about musical chairs.

Ah well…despite all the shocks, I must thank my current bosses for letting me go to HK. That enabled me to say goodbye to my (now former) boss in person and have a swanky farewell dinner with him! It felt more real to hear the news personally as well.

Anyway, now I’m back and I did take loads of pics. If you’re on my facebook, check them out!

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