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I’m such a romantic sop. I finished reading “PS I Love You” yesterday and I cried 3 times while reading it. It’s so sweet. I want to find a soul mate as thoughtful as Gerry. Where is he???

Spoke to C last night as well and I advised her to get out of that shit hole that she’s in. She most definitely was cheated and she got the incredibly short hand of the stick. It is inhuman for her to handle all that work by herself. It’s ridiculous. And all that crap from the-power-that-be about ‘opportunites’??!! *Shakes head* He really thinks our job (or rather, my previous job) is that easy huh.

Met up with my former colleagues from my first firm for a semi interview. They kept emphasising that its a temp job. I know it’s temp…which is good. I don’t want to feel compelled to stay for more than a year. Nothing’s set in stone though. *Shrugs* I do need a temp job…I need the moolah…

I’m still obsessed with Miyavi. Hahahahaha….he is inspiring me to take up the guitar again. Jaimes!! Can teach me? *Grin*

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