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DT in the house!

Went to David Tao’s 123 我们是木头人2008 Concert. It’s his 3rd concert held in our Singapore Indoor Stadium and he rocked the house! Nontheless…conclusion is that David Tao can’t dance and thank goodness he didn’t attempt to do so. There was a lot more banter from him and you could tell that he was relaxed and was just being himself. That’s what I like about David Tao’s concert. He doesn’t try to wow you with spectacular light display or fancy fireworks. It’s just his singing and his wonderful band that keeps it tight. He’s such a great live performer. Check out the pics that I took in the facebook link below…


Watching David Tao’s concert made me miss the stage a lot. I wanted to BE him or at least one of his back up singers. However, reality check – my voice has been untrained for the past 5 years and it has literally gone down the drain. Not to mention that my sinus problem has gotten worse over the years, adding to the lack of vocal abilities. The most serious issue is that I lack that certain X-factor. Ah well. I still miss the stage. 5 years man…it has been 5 years since I’ve performed on stage. I love singing. Perhaps I should go retrain my vocal chords and relearn the guitar too. Hmmph. I just enjoy walking down the beaten path and hard roads huh.

I’ve been reading a few people’s blogs lately and we’re all moaning about the lack of finances. Well…I should be moaning about it too since I’ll be jobless in a week’s time and I won’t see a steady income till goodness knows when. As much as I worry, I remind myself constantly that if the bird and animals are fed daily and have shelter provided by God, why wouldn’t He/She provide the same for me? Humility. I don’t need to eat the finest meals. I don’t need the ‘it’ bag of the season. I don’t need 20 pairs of shoes. I don’t need to bow down to society’s concept of how to live life. Disillusionment is such a sad feeling. I hate feeling jaded. It feels as if something has been robbed from my spirit and an emptiness is left behind.

Yes, the world isn’t black & white and we should see it in its greyness. However, it is essential (for me at least) to live life with as little regrets as possible and to live it happily. Money isn’t everything. It is the means to an end and how you get the money is more important. I’m not idealistic enough to say that “Oh, money doesn’t mean a thing to me.” That’s a load of crock. It does matter to me; but HOW I get the money is now more important. As the D-day draws nearer, it becomes clearer to me that I want to earn my money with a sense of purpose. I really want to know that I earned it. Being in the financial industry makes me feel that there are too many people in this industry with over inflated egos and over inflated pay cheques to match. A colleague also told me that he’s a used car salesman – with a higher salary. I don’t want all that BS anymore. Society has shifted wwwaaaayyyyy too much importance to the financial world. Truth is, humans are just too greedy. I wanna lower my expectations and wants in life. How will I be disappointed with life if I don’t expect a lot and don’t want a lot? Mind you, this is NOT being unambitious. I just don’t want to be caught up in a world of senseless consumerism.

Sing thinks that I think too much. Well, I disagree. I believe that my life motto has always been the same. Just that the pressures of society is just too great. And I admit, I’ve been greedy. I wanted to BE THERE in the shortest period of time and bask the glory that comes along with this kind of ‘success’. But the shoe doesn’t fit. No regrets though. Learnt a lot along the way. Met a lot of friends and foes. I know myself better and my faith in friends, family and God is stronger. All the things that have happened in this past year have only strengthened my belief that I need to be humble. Live life humbly, ethically and best to your ability. Its irritating to know that people will gossip and say bad things about me, but its ok. I haven’t cheated, backstabbed nor played political games. Nice guys may not finish first all the time, but at least they finish it clean. =)

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