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Crushed crush.

As many of you have heard my raves, I had a crush on someone whom I saw at a friend’s wedding. Well, that crush has been officially crushed thanks to another friend and her iphone. Since I was so busy raving and drooling to everyone, she had to see who this guy was on facebook via her iphone. For some weird reason, she was able to access his profile despite his privacy settings. Weird huh. Anyway, she managed to pull out some pics and sent it over and there’s one that made him look particularly lecherous and quite the party animals. He’s got tons of pics with girls….hmm. But that’s not the crusher. The crusher was him writing that he was looking for “Random Play”. Ok. Super turn off. Crush waned immediately after that. Ah well…he lives on in my fantasy lala land. Friends still encourage me to get to know him since he had caught my attention the minute I saw him. Eerrr….I’ve got no guts when it comes to this k? And don’t use my ticking bio clock as a reason. 😛

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