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I really am a romantic sop. I watched “Koizora 恋空” this afternoon and cried 3 times. I couldn’t believe how many times I cried. Ok….storyline’s simple. Boy and girl fall in love in their 1st yr of high school. She gets pregnant, she miscarries…they get sad. He finds out he has cancer in 2nd yr but refuses to tell her and then breaks up with her in the most hurtful manner. She then moves on slowly and eventually falls in love with another guy. However, both of them still return to their miscarried baby’s memorial spot every year on Christmas eve. She only found out about his cancer when it was his best friend who placed the memorial pair of mittens and mini snow man instead of him. She then realises that he’s still in love with her and that she too is still in love with him. He dies in the end. Sob sob. Yeah…I know. My summary’s really clinical and has a hint of cynicism. But it was really sad and i was crying. Let-chan said that she didn’t tear…she was crying out loud. Haha…we’re both romantic sops. Below is the famous starting lines from the movie –


If I did not meet you that day,
I don’t think I will be
This sad,
This hurt,
This sorrowful,
Having shed this much tears


If I didn’t meet you, it wouldn’t be possible to know
This kind of delight
This tenderness
This loving
This warm heartedness
This feeling of happiness

*Disclaimer – this is only my translation. You might find better translations out there*

Went to Kathy’s wedding dinner on Fri night. Congrats to Kathy and Michele (pronounced as Mee-kale-lay)! They make such a good looking pair. When’s my turn? Haha…Addy C and myself were whinging to each other and trying to compare whose love life was more miserable. Addy – you can’t compare to me k! 😛

Well, things are pretty firmed up. I’ll be going back to my first company end of May. Back to my homies. Kinda feels as if I’m returning to square one…but I’m ok. Things happen for a reason. OMG…the desk now as 3 preggie ladies. So exciting!!!!! 😀 I’m so excited for them all. When’s Sing’s turn?? Ooh…I now will have lots of babies to play with and then return to their parents once they start crying. Hur hur hur….

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