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GSS (Great Singapore Sale) is proving to be painful to my wallet. Singtel sent me a $200 voucher (thanks to my horrendously high Feb bill plus the fact that I’m a Singtel Plat card holder) and that gave me the perfect excuse to purchase the new Sony Ericsson w960i. It’s a semi-PDA phone and what’s so cool about it is that it can scan biz cards!!
Now, you must be wondering why I bought such an expensive phone when I could’ve settled for a cheaper alternative. True. But I figured that I want to be able to surf the net and read my personal emails wherever I go, minus the exorbitant prices of a blackberry. I’m thinking long term. This phone had better last me for more than 3 yrs without any software glitches!! I still spent almost $400…could’ve been worse without the voucher.

To add onto my splurge, I bought a CK black clutch bag for $148. Eeks. What possessed me to buy it? Well, I love CK and I do need a replacement clutch. My current clutch is so small, I can’t fit anything else in it except my phone and cash/ cards. Its quite a feat for me to even squeeze a lippie in.

I’m such a bag person…saw another faux snake skin bag in the most gorgeous purple ever! Would’ve bought it (it was only $50!!!!) if my mother wasn’t my voice of reasoning. Knowing how I was about to walk to the cashier with it, she went, “Don’t buy. Don’t waste money.” I pouted, sighed and laid the bag back on the counter. Well, at least I ‘saved’ that $50.

It’s not just bags that are on sale…even chocolates are. I bought 2 bars of chocs (with liquer centres, my fav!) and 2 boxes of choc biscuits for $18 in total. Crazy huh. I’m doomed for credit card hell this month and the next I bet….*moans* but its GSS….the whole freaking island is having sale!! Maybe I should hide my cards….hmmm…..

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