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Rants and raves…

I woke up this morning and I suddenly recalled what a client said during my (ex?) colleague’s wedding. He mentioned that he had just returned from a holiday in Japan and that our assistant (yes, the one who is leaving and I’m ‘replacing’) had helped him to book all his hotels there. This thought immediately crept into my head: “WTF??!! We’re your brokers…not your blardy travel agent!”

Seriously, there’s a very fine line between business and personal. That I know. But please…draw some boundaries for goodness’ sakes! Don’t you agree? Oh gosh…did he think that assts have nothing else better to do than to book hotels for your personal vacation? Gosh. Ok, I wasn’t the one who did all the booking. However, I feel sorry for the asst and I wonder whether I’m going to face this kind of shit when I rejoin. Nah…I’m not a doormat. I will let these clients know where they ought to draw the line. I’m fine with helping you find out the rates as a favour…but to freaking book ALL the hotels? What’s next? Plan your itinerary and which tourist sites to visit? How about famous/ Michelin star restaurant recommendations? Sheesh. I’d rather start a travel agency that books only 5 star hotels then.

You must be wondering what brought about this recall. Well…I finally signed the contract today and I’m constantly surprised at how fast news travel. I haven’t officially told anyone else in the industry and already, an ex-colleague knew where I’m going. Wow. I suspect that it must’ve been someone at the wedding who spread the news because my dear soon-to-be-again-colleagues were telling clients present at the wedding that I was returning. Hmm…kinda feels good to be ‘loved’. Haha…speaking of which, they wanted me to start on Fri, 23rd. Uh…I return from Bali only on the 22nd evening and they want me to start immediately? Nuh uh…I’ve already made personal appts and I’ve got to unpack for goodness’ sakes! One of the senior guys called me up even and asked, “What happened? I thought you told me that you were returning on the 22nd and that you’re free to start from teh 23rd onwards?” Me: Um…no. You asked that day whether I could start from the 24th onwards and of course I said yes.
Things are settled. I’m starting on the Monday after. They sound remotely desperate. Hmm

I walked into Charles & Keith today and I think I’m not ever going to buy a bag from them again. They’re such copy cats. If you look at Ailian’s past post where she took a pic of a bag that looks like a Prada, you’ll understand. Today, I saw the copy of my Miu Miu bag.

The one above is the original one. Mine’s in dirty pink (much nicer shade). Walk into any Charles & Keith shop and see the copy. Diff is that the copy isn’t real leather, there aren’t any ribbons on the side and the long strap’s length is adjustable. Sorry…no pic as I’m having problems with my bluetooth on my new comp. That’s another rant for another time. My point is…STOP COPYING AND START DESIGNING YOUR OWN STUFF!

Ok…now for the rave. Heehehe. I watched Sweet Rain 死神の精度 Accuracy of Death” today with Let-chan, Yiling and Cheryl. Thanks Let-chan for winning the tix and sharing it with moi! Takeshi Kaneshiro is soooo cool!! 金城武はカッコイ!!!Why must he smoke though? Aiy…nevermind, he’s still so handsome. Hurhur…gimme either Takeshi or Miyavi please. Muahahaha……

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