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I overheard a very interesting conversation over dinner last Monday. I was sitting to a bunch of people who are regular extras in our local industry and one of them is the person who looks for extras too. They were gossiping about our local celebs and well, I don’t eavesdrop for fun but they were right next to me and they weren’t keeping their volume down.

*Disclaimer* Everything below is translated from Mandarin and some discrepencies may occur due to translation as well as lack of memory power. Poor grammar is done on purpose to capture the mood of the conversation. Plus, they weren’t speaking proper Mandarin if you know what I mean. Nothing has been dramatised for entertainment.

About Chen Liping-
Girl: Did you hear about what happened to Chen Liping? It was reported in the Chinese newspaper that an old ah-ma (granny) really really liked Chen Liping and wanted her granddaughter to be carried by Chen Liping but was ignored. Hah. Finally the truth is out. Chen Liping really knows how to act and make everyone think that shes the nice Ah yo-yo but 9 out of 10 people who have worked with her has found out how fake she is.

Boy: Then what happened?

Girl: Chen Liping’s husband then released a statement saying that celebrities aren’t able to fulfil all their fans’ wishes. See lah…she has to have her husband make the statement for her. Finally people can see how fake she is.

Boy: But isn’t her husband nice?

Girl: Ya..but after his marriage….


About Jacelyn Tay-
Girl: But I really pity Jacelyn Tay. She went bankrupt and she’s no longer in the industry.

Boy: She started some business right?

Girl: Ya…she now has some beauty consultation or beauty parlour

About Zoe Tay-
Girl: Did you know that when they were filming “Unbeatables 3” they had to stay up filming all day and all night. All the stars had their own private rooms to rest but of course the extras don’t right? So after a rest, all the extras were tired and were (didn’t quite catch it but I guess they were slouching/ yawning on set?). Then you know what Zoe Tay said? She said, “Can all of you be more professional?” She asked them to be more professional! If you don’t let them rest properly, they’re tired, how are they able to be “professional”?

About Fann Wong-
Girl: Fann Wong came up to me personally to talk to me and then she was dragged away by her manager.

Boy: For what reason?

Girl: She said that she didn’t want …(sorry…didn’t quite catch this part) But Fann Wong came up to ME and started talking to me. It wasn’t ME to went up to her ok?!! Then her manager dragged her while we were still talking. And Fann had to half turn her head to talk to me! So dangerous!

Hmm….now…interesting gossip fodder while I munched on my Kolo mee in one corner. *grin* If I had stayed longer, perhaps I would’ve heard more interesting tidbits of info. However, I felt like telling the most verbal female this: celebs are humans too. You don’t know them personally but you’re character assasinating them all. But its this kind of passion for celebrities that sells your Mags and gossip newspapers. Thank goodness we don’t have paparazzis here…goodness knows how THAT will play out.

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