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Let me start things off chronologically….

On Wed evening, my mum told me that someone (most likely a teen) was hit by a car and died in our condo’s CARPARK. Carpark ok. The car was just driving down the slope and somehow, the youth was knocked down and his head landed into the drain with such impact that the drain cover flew out. I have a feeling that his neck must’ve broke. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have died. Its kinda scary that this accident happened in our carpark…goodness’ knows who’s fault it really was and the police are looking for eye witnesses. However, this happened on a weekday afternoon…so the best witness would probably be the woman who was with the youth..as well as the driver.

The next day, all residents received a memo about the accident and of course, they didn’t mention that the youth (“a service provider” as stated in the memo) had died. My mum said that he had definitely died because the paramedics covered him with a black plastic and didn’t transport him to the hospital. The police came instead.

I was online at this pt in time and told Addy C about it…and he sent me a clip on youtube about how the sea turtles were brutually dismembered in Bali while still alive. It was a very graphic clip and yes…I wrenched when I saw how the turtle was being killed. However, is there a humane way to kill turtles? Hmm….slitting the throats of chickens and leaving them to bleed to death is also cruel. Ditto for cattle. Should we then all go vegetarian? Sorry…I’m carnivorous by nature. *sigh* Such thoughts on a Wed night…just before going to bed. I’m surprised that I didn’t get nightmares.

On Thu evening, I had team drinks and get this – only TWO people ordered beer. Oh gosh…I wanted to order a cocktail but when your boss and others were ordering cokes and diet cokes…no way was I going to make myself seem like an alcoholic. =P Well, I made up for that later in the evening. I had a social dinner with Chingster and friends at Oosh. I must say that the atmosphere at Oosh was very good but I wished that there were more lights. We could hardly read the menu.

Thu evening was also the day that I realised why some ex-colleagues described a particular person as ‘fake’ and ‘pretentious’. He is. This guy, let’s call him W, speaks with a british accent because he studied there for several years. Although that can be slightly understandable, he asked me whether I was bred in Singapore. I replied, “Yes…born and bred here. Do I not sound Singaporean?” W then said, “Well, you sound as if you were educated overseas.” To which I answered, “That’s probably because when I speak to some people, I drop the Singlish.” “I’m used to this guy (points at his friend)” W said and then his friend added, “Ya…I don’t fake.”

Excuse me!!! WTH! I wasn’t faking any accent! What was wrong with speaking proper English? It’s totally natural to speak proper English to people whom you’re not close to, especially when its to a fake ang moh!

Thank goodness other people arrived and so I could detach myself from the fake duo. They even cracked some inside jokes without explaining to others what they meant…and they were actually expecting us to get the joke. Just because we’re in the same industry. Lame anti-socialites.

Ignoring those anti-socialites, I had a great time meeting with other people…most of them whom I already know because they’re either clients or ex-colleagues. Of course I did meet a few new faces and that’s just as a brill! Chingster was right…we should do this regularly. 😉 And dude, I’m not an alcoholic! *mumbles* just because I can hold my alcohol better than others….*mumble*

Onto Fri now..work suddently doubled from Thu onwards. I can’t say that it’s because the other temp left…although that partially might be the case. I was busy busy busy all the way even up to 6:30pm…and I left then because I went, “Heck…those can wait till Mon.” Had dinner with Sing, Chowchow & Haley before we went on to watch “Get Smart”.

Sorry Haley…I don’t normally laugh at people…but it’s funny. We were discussing what to watch earlier in the day via email…so I wrote that I’d like to watch “Penelope” as well. Guess how did Haley pronounce Penelope? You’re right. She went “Penny-lope”. Hahaha…….sorry…very mean of me. =P Thousand apologies.

Anyway, “Get Smart” was hilarious! Stupid but hilarious. Very much like “Johnny English” type of humour where its not quite slapstick but neither the most intelligent jokes. But its still entertaining, which is important. Ok…next movie outing..when when when????

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