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Went to visit Moon’s dad today with Sing and her dad seemed relatively well although he did walk a lot slower. However, this is really the longest conversation Sing and myself ever had with Moon’s dad. If you haven’t read my earlier entry, Moon’s dad has been diagnosed with liver cancer. Sing & I are advising that her dad seeks a 2nd opinion because they haven’t done a biopsy on thr growth but have already scheduled the surgery to remove the tumour in July. Doesn’t hurt to have another opinion, right? Anyway, I seriously think that her dad must take better care of himself and stop being so stubborn when it comes to foods and knee braces etc.

After visiting her dad, Moon and I went off to The Cathay to have lunch and then watch ‘Sex And The City’. Sing couldn’t join us cos she had scheduled her mani/ pedi @ 3pm and she also had to get another shirt for Chowchow for their photoshoot tomorrow. The movie was pretty good. It was like an extended episode of the whole show. It was quite a good day for me today since it has been a long time since I’ve hung out alone with Moon. These days, I normally see her only at larger gatherings or together with Sing and Kewei. Us girls need our 1x1s from time to time, ya? Too bad it wasn’t an all girls’ night out but we can always save that for clubbing some other time 🙂

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